Request for Workshop Proposal

2022-01-07 17:08
Deadline: February 28, 2022 (Korea Standard Time, UTC +9)

Workshops are scheduled on May 7 (Sat.), 2022 during ASCC 2022 as half-day (3 hrs, recommended) or full day (5-6 hrs) talks. Proposals for workshops (PFW) addressing novel control-related (directly or indirectly) topics, as well as workshops with strong tutorial value are encouraged from academia, research institutes and industry.

PFW should include (i) the organizer information (name, affiliation, title, etc.) and speaker information (name, affiliation, title, etc.; The organizer can be the only speaker), (ii) workshop topic (title), and (iii) workshop abstract (at least 100 words).

If workshop proposals are received more than time and space limitations, the ASCC 2022 Organizing Committee will have the right to select them. Workshop attendance requires a separate registration payment (Regular US$100, Student US$60). After deducting the expenses, registration fee will be shared half and half by ACA and the organizer. The workshop organizer can speak alone or invite other experts. The workshops will be offered based on viable attendance (more than 10 advanced on-line registrants; For other cases, the organizer can discuss with ASCC 2022 organizing committee about opening it). Accepted workshops will be presented on-line (using Zoom) or on-site (at ICC of Jeju Island) according to the COVID-19 situation.

Please send PFW to Workshop Chair, Prof. Chul-Goo Kang ( If you have any question on workshops of ASCC 2022, feel free to ask Prof. Kang or Secretary of ASCC2022 (