Tour Information

The Jeju Island is the only special self-governing province of South Korea. Its area is 1,848 km2, its population is about 600,000, and average temperature is 16 oC. It is a very beautiful and relaxing island of nature & myth. Receiving Halla Mountain’s spirit and surrounding colors of nature’s gift, Jeju Island of unique culture of Tamna raises an anchor towards the Pacific. As a resort and tourist destination, the island was selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011. Previously, the island was certified by UNESCO Triple Crown in Natural Science asĀ 

UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves (2002)
UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage (2007)
UNESCO’s World Geological Park (2010)

Jeju is a free international city allowing free entry without a visa from 187 countries including China. The island can be reached by air or cruise ship. There are many direct flights to Jeju from 48 cities in Asia. If you cannot find a direct flight from your city, go to a major city in Korea and then there are frequent domestic flights to Jeju. Also, the World Health Organization has designated Jeju as an International Safe City in 2007, 2012. To see more on Jeju Island and the World Natural Heritage, please visit at following links: